Ormanada which was established on respect and honest basis, shares its long-term experience with you.

As a landscape company we take part in each phase of landscape architecture discipline, with modern technology, Professional principals and honesty. By doing that we are expanding our reference list in the light of 30 years of Professional expierance. Our company has the knowledge and capability of coping with any kind of landscape business in Turkey and around the World, which is proven by TSE (Turkish Standarts Institute) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificates. In addition to this, we are in a leading position abort product sales with our 380.000 m2 nursery based in Yalova/TURKEY and 110.000 square meters agricultural soil conversion facility based in Istanbul/TURKEY.

Ormanada team is dedicated to our clients from the very beginning of a project through all stages of designing, planning, construction and maintenance to ensure the design vision is achieved and sustained.

Our Plant Production Facility

Located in YALOVA and ORHANGAZI/BURSA on 380.000 sq. we produce bush and tree species and make them ready for use and sale inside Turkey and some of other countries. In our plant production, we are using soil made only from peat and cocopeat. We have 56 staff working in our production facility and we are serving the market by a yearly production capacity of;

• 1.300.000 pcs. Bush
• 350.000 coniferous trees
• 250.000 pcs. trees

Our Agricultural Soil Conversion Plant

Located in PIRINCCI-EYUP/ISTANBUL on 110.000 sq. By using the earthwork, we are changing it to agricultural soil and reclaiming it to landscape Works and nature by sifting it and adding organic materials like peat, pumice, construction sand and fertilizer. We have 85 staff working in our production facility. Our yearly production capacity is 3.600.000 m³. We successfully use the agricultural soil that we recycling in our projects and we also supply landscaping companies.